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Well, It Happened Guys!

2023-08-22, By: Kniraven
I am 34 years old.
Currently, I am making about $60,000 a year. I own a house, I have a dog, I have my own office with a $11,000 PC Desk Setup. I have a $7,000 D&D Gaming table with a touch screen in the center of it. I have a girlfriend I have been with for over a decade who loves me. I am almost done with my programming degree (Yeah I know, I'm taking my sweet time). Tay and I are thinking about having a kid soon, and I am thinking about marriage. My site is looking more and more functional too, and I am actively increasing my followers/subscriber counts on social media.

The down sides? I am about 350 lbs, I have sleep apnea (using a C-Pap), my grandmother will likely pass soon, and I am pre-diabetic. I have a colonoscopy scheduled for October to check out my hemorrhoids and possibly look for polyps due to blood in my stool. Though I have no reason to believe I will be let go for any reason, I live constantly in fear wondering what I would do if that day came. I don't socialize much anymore and I feel quite lonely.

I think a primary goal right now needs to be getting in shape. Another goal I have is to complete the rules set for my TTRPG, Wishes of Nibiru.

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cool website!


Testing comments within local host

This is a test to see if comments still work, as I have done quite a bit of rearranging.

Christmas 2022. I turn 34 next year.

2022-12-25, By: Kniraven
Hello! Just checking in to see how these posts turn out.
I can't remember how much formatting I made available.
Kniraven Portrait
I am wondering if this blog app would work well ont he home page for new posts about things.
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2022-06-23, By: Kniraven
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Almost done with this semester

2022-05-08, By: Kniraven
I didn't stop to look at when the last time I wrote was, but here is what is going on:
  • Car is making a strange noise, need to take it in to the shop tomorrow.
  • My incredibly large molar filling fell out when I was using a water flosser, so I have a dentist appointment this week. I imagine I will need to full on replace the tooth.
  • I have a test due tomorrow, and then I am done with my PHPWeb Development course. I think I am going to get an A.
I am slowly developing my website here, and just added a personal calendar feature. I am also sharing my own personal calendar publicly. I think next up, I need to create a way to label some data as private so that it will be redacted in the php. That way I can comfortably write whatever notes I want in my activity details for my calendar, and the data I share will have anything private be redacted.

I want to turn this into a D&D and gaming social platform for friends and followers, so I am looking to see what features I can have that other sites do not. One idea I have is to create FB or Twitter-like profiles that are about a person's gaming preferences, and which can show a list of that person's D&D characters + campaigns they are associated with. When you click on a character, they will have their own social-media-like profile. I think it could be fun for people. We shall see.

I'm also developing my campaign setting, Wishes of Nibiru, which originally was "DS" or "Daymond Sky".

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Late Night Musings

2022-04-14, By: Kniraven
It is 3:37am as I write this. I should be sleeping, as I have work at 8am, but for whatever reason I’m not.
  • First and foremost, I’ve been contemplating why it is that objective truth/logic is not valued more highly. People seem more likely to support without evidence a narrative which benefits them, excuses them, or validates than one which is derived from reason but lacks those listed qualities. Furthermore, some people seem keen to agree with or allow something they don’t believe in rather than be at conflict.
    So now I wonder, is that admirable? Would my life be better if I did the same? Would I be happier? And, would I have lost anything important?
    Sometimes now, I commit falsehoods I’ve seen others commit in ignorance so that my awareness does not disadvantage me. These are acts I’ve called out before, but my peers thought were no big deal. I am certain some of these peers know that I know better, but they don’t say anything to me either. Do they know I’m a conscious hypocrite, or do they think I’m an ignorant one?
  • Today I received my new BEACN mic. The product mixes sound within the mic itself, allowing the user to listen to their voice w/ EQ changes and modifications to it live as they speak (no delay). I expected this to be an upgrade from my El Gato Wave-3, the industry’s best USB mic up until now. Unfortunately, mine seems to maybe be defective. The output is way too quiet.
  • I have a big PHP project due tomorrow. It’s a weight loss management app for tracking exercise add calories burned. I haven’t even started it… I suck. When I’m done though I’m going to add it to this site.

Izzy is laying next to me in bed with her little paws resting on my arm. Occasionally licks my elbow.

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Comment two

Comment 1

Life Check-In

2022-04-10, By: Kniraven
It is 10:08pm CST as I begin to write this.
I can now update this blog with much greater ease, and anyone who enters here can comment on it.
Originally, I thought I would allow anonymous users to comment. However, I am now reconsidering it. Within the span of a few hours I've received many comments from what appear to be Russian Bots.

Here is a quick summary of what is going on:

  • I bought a house in July of 2021. After growing up homeless in a broken family, I am proud to have a house, car, long-term partner, and some disposable income.

  • I've been doing a lot of thinking about my life. I'm in my thirties now. My parents are gone, and I don't know how much longer my grandmother has left. I don't know what all I want to know from her before she is gone and all that history is lost. As for me? I am at the end of my youth. I feel like I am running out of time to do things I want to do.

  • My health is poor. I weigh 354 lbs (the most I've ever weighed in my life). I am dealing with GERD/Acid-Reflux and am dependent Esomeprazole. My mind often fogs, I am tired all of the time, and I am struggling to multitask.

  • I spend entirely too much time zoning out, mouth hanging open, staring at random youtube/tik-tok/instagram videos or searching for music (or something else) to put on in the background while I "actually work". Other than that, I am trying to get my professional work done while preparing to DM for 3 separate groups in my Wishes of Nibiru campaign.

  • I absolutely have to lose weight

  • I have two friends who regularly keep contact with and check on me, and one of them I have never met in person.

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Blog Upgrade

2022-04-10, By: Kniraven
This is the first test of my blog update.
I am now storing blog posts in a SQL database.
I'm using [pre] tags to control the formatting, but I think that prevents me from bolding things, so I (edit: html tags do work, I need to figure out how to prevent them now) will come up with a text formatting solution later.

I think my next steps are actually to create a user editing UI for admins, and to create an easy method for updating blog posts.
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Tay is Mad D; Oh noes!

2022-01-14, By: Kniraven

Tay is mad because she has to walk upstairs to get a plastic baggy. Her life is so hard.

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Learning PHP

2020-04-12, By: Kniraven

Hello. I have just gotten done setting up a basic login page for this site. I am getting a bit better at php it looks like.

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2019-08-13, By: Kniraven

Where should I start? I still have a 4.0 GPA. I was promoted to Billing Team Lead. I broke my leg and got into my first car crash. I surprised my grandmother for her 75th birthday.

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2019-05-15, By: Kniraven

I should be asleep right now, but I want to test our netlify's form feature. I just finished my Intro to Database final project.

Tomorrow, after work, I will finish my last two tests for the semester.

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Friends' Baby

2019-05-07, By: Kniraven

It was a long day yesterday. I missed class for the first time in order to meet my friends' new baby girl.

I've never been as excited to meet a baby before. They're my first close friends to have a kid. She's also the first child I've volunteered to hold. she was adorable.

For homework I queried an Apache database using PHP. That was kind of cool and new to me.

Now I'm passing out and/or heading to sleep in the baby's parents' guest room. I'm watching their pets while they recover at the hospital. Good night everyone.

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2019-05-01, By: Kniraven

Hello all, I am learning to use git.
More specifically, I am messing around on GitHub for the first time. Right now, I am about to try and deploy my site from git so that I can more easily edit it from anywhere.

Other tasks for tonight include:

  • Utilizing Bootstrap on this site.
  • Using JavaScript to dynamically update my navigation bar.
  • Adding PC stories to the Wishes of Nibiru sub site

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The Effort Effect

2019-04-22, By: Kniraven

It is 5:25pm CST. I just got done reading The Effort Effect in Stanford Magazine. It was assigned by my Intro to Databases professor as extra credit. It speaks on the difference in mentality between people who view setbacks as a lack of effort on their part vs those who view them as a lack of static personal ability.

For the most part, I feel like the sort of person who views setbacks as a personal lacking of effort. However, according to the div I do have one tendency indicative of the other category. I feel threatened by the success of others. I don't feel literally threatened, but I feel jealousy and a drive to surpass them. I need to think about those feelings and whether or not they're healthy.

It is 6:30pm CST. Right now I am in Java class. We are learning about Static Methods/Variables and about Final variables (constants). My professor, Randy Bielby, is showing us a demo utilizing different sided dice as an example. He asked the class "I think D&D uses dice. Anybody know how many sides D&D dice have?" HA! I went off immediately listing all of the dice.

Shout out to Martin Rivera, his next example involved counting ducks. Lol

I also learned about default constructors (no arg constructors). I am about to head out now. I still need to complete a test for Intro to Database and complete the extra credit assignment.

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Advanced Web Design

2019-04-21, By: Kniraven

No work to the site was done today. This is more of a personal journal entry.

I did my MATC homework today. Advanced Web Design homework today involves Grid view with floats. This seems significantly worse than flex-box. That is what I am learning in that class this week.
For Java, I completed my work in class last monday. It is an exercise in using sub-classes and abstract methods.
I haven't yet looked at or worked on my Intro to Database homework which is due tomorrow at midnight. I plan to get a start on that after I am done writing this.

So... Game of Thrones, Season 8, Episode 2 just happened.
It felt a little wrong seeing Masie Williams breasts. I predict Jamie, Grey Wurm, and Daenerys are all going to die.

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Social Media

2019-04-20, By: Kniraven

Today I added all my social media buttons.
In addition, I've placed large button links to my D&D campaign sub-sites on the homepage.

So far, sub-sites will be for:

  • Wishes of Nibiru Modern DS & 5E campaign
  • Deadly Destined 5E Campaign I participate in
  • Daymond Sky A build of the lore and system

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Site Started

2019-04-18, By: Kniraven

Kniraven is currently in the process of rebuilding this site. Completion is estimated to occur by July 22, 2019.

Feel free to reach out to Kniraven via email at

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